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Music Lessons on the Guitar

Guilderland Music Academy offers both acoustic and electric guitar lessons are offered to students in a variety of styles including rock, blues, country, and classical genres for students age 6 and above. Beginning students can expect to work on basic chords, simple strums, and introductory elements of rhythm and harmony in their guitar lessons. Lessons for both the intermediate and advanced guitar students focus on scales, modes, dexterity, and dynamics while learning to play traditional melodies along with the songs you love. Our guitar lessons are the best in Guilderland, and the Capital District! All of our lessons, including those on guitar, include instruction on music theory, notation, and rhythm while students explore classical music, popular music, and jazz!

About Guitars

There are several types of guitars. The classical guitar has nylon strings and a wide neck and is used to play different styles of music, but mostly classical music – often with an ensemble. Guitarists pluck the strings with their fingers or fingernails. The acoustic guitar is similar to the classical guitar, but generally has steel strings and a thinner neck and usually played with a pick. The electric guitar uses electronic pickups and electric amplifiers (amps) rather than a large hollow body to project the sound. Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world and can be found in most musical genres and you’ll hear it everytime you turn on the radio…or maybe just being played by a campfire! Our Faculty find inspiration from guitarists like Prince, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and B.B. King!

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