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Performance is one of the most basic skills a musician must acquire in order to be successful and to give a musician a reason to practice.

The Guilderland Music Academy offers the following performance opportunities to its students:
• Recitals: Two yearly recitals! Our students are given the opportunity to perform at the Winter and Summer recitals in December and June! The Winter recital is our relaxed, more intimate setting and perfect for first time performers to get a taste of being on the stage! Our Summer Recital is hosted at the recital hall in the Massry Center of St Rose! This is our more professional and upscale recital.
• Community Performances: GMA students regularly perform for several retirement communities as well as local events. Our students are dedicated to using their talents to bring joy to everyone around them!
• Other Performance Opportunities: GMA works hard to create more places and events for our students to perform! Recently, GMA took 30 students for a recital at CARNEGIE HALL in December 2019! More opportunities are on the way!