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Give your child a headstart on music lessons with Music FunTime!

Music FunTime

Music FunTime

Music FunTime – an innovative and proven early childhood curriculum, has music classes for kids 18 months to 7 years old. Music FunTime is not a simple playgroup where children sing, dance, jump & play instruments. Our program is based on Johns-Hopkins Research that children 7 and under can learn to read music notation and symbols, play instruments while fostering their ability to grasp math and science as they develop.

Music Funtime is a course that meets weekly for 30 minutes per class. It is not your normal mommy-and-me style class. In Music Funtime, students are learning real musical concepts and basic theory as well as instrument identification and trying out several different kinds of instruments, including piano!


Students who are enrolled in this class have a higher rate of successfully transitioning into an instrument when they are ready, and a higher rate of retention once they start playing! Students leave the class being able to read and understand music and music theory concepts that will help them as they grow in their musical journey.


Throughout the course, students are introduced to the sounds of all the instruments, and have a chance to play on several different percussion instruments, a flute-o-phone, and even the piano! Students will receive materials they can keep as they progress throughout the course.

  • The class is month-to-month, if you need to withdraw simply let us know by the 20th of the month and we will stop the auto-pay for you.
  • Students attend weekly on the same day and time, and there are no makeups available for missing this class.
  • This class is for ages 3-5, but can extend as long as 7 years old!

Music FunTime

An innovative and proven early childhood curriculum has music classes for kids 18 months to 7 years old! Contact us for more info!

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