Latham Preschool Music Classes

Give your child a headstart on music lessons with Animal Adventures in Music!

Animal Adventures in Music

Animal Adventures in Music

This program covers 10 instruments in 10 different levels. Throughout this exciting program, your child will travel through 10 themed books with their teacher, exploring a different instrument in each. Every book is filled to the brim with learning activities, games, stickers and more. Each level is extremely structured and builds off the previous level.

While designing this curriculum, we didn’t want to just teach basic music theory at children, we wanted to engage your child through stories. For example, while learning about the flute, children are invited to work with Bianca the Bee to find the missing flute pieces stolen by some pesky ants! Plus, the private one-to-one structure of the program ensures that no child is going to be rushed to grasp a concept. They can take their time exploring the world of music and have a blast while doing it, creating a love and enjoyment of music that will last a lifetime!

By the time your child graduates from this impressive program, they will be able to identify and understand basic music symbols, read and clap rhythms from quarter note to sixteenth note, and read three octaves of notes on the grand staff, in addition to learning about instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums, violin, cello, clarinet, saxophone, and more!

Preschool Music Classes

Preschool Music Classes in Latham
Animal Adventures in Music

An innovative and proven early childhood curriculum has music classes for kids 2-6 years old! Contact us for more info!

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