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Guilderland Music Academy in offers early childhood music classes in a group setting for children ages 3-6. These classes expose young children to the basics of music notation, playing instruments, and performing within a group setting which helps to develop their concentration, focus, and self-esteem. Classes are taught by engaging teachers who work with the students as they learn songs, and dances. Classes are open to parents as well and capped at 6 students per 45 minute class.

About Early Childhood Music
Music plays a very important part in our culture. When thinking about everyday life, music is present in a variety of social and educational activities. We listen to music on TV or when we go to the movies. Most governmental ceremonies include a component of music while we use songs to celebrate birthdays or to worship god. Given this importance of music, it is no surprise that parents use music instinctively to express joy, and to engage or calm their children. Research undertaken by a team of researchers in the 1990s showed that the exposure to music from early childhood onwards helps children to speak more clearly, develop a larger vocabulary, and strengthen social and emotional skills. The psychologist Howard Gardner already argued in 1983 that music intelligence is as important as logical and emotional intelligence. This is because music has the ability to strengthen the connection between the body and brain to work together as a team. For instance, when dancing and moving to music, children develop better motor skills whereas singing along to a song helps them to practise their singing voice. In general, the exposure to music supports children in their development process to learn the sound of tones and words.